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Pet bathing & Spa Treatments


Traditional Bath, Brush & Blow Dry - $30 - $80

• Full body shampoo and conditioning*

• Full brush and blow dry  

• Nail trim

• Price based on size of pet

* At Santa Fe's Z Pet Hotel and Spa, we prioritize high-quality products for our pet bathing and spa treatments that include extracts of oatmeal, almonds, blueberries, and other naturally hydrating substances. Clients are free to provide their own shampoo and conditioner if they choose, at no extra charge.

Luxury Spa Treatment for dogs at Z Pet Hotel & Spa

Luxury Bath & Massage - $50 - $120

• Includes full body shampoo and conditioning

• 15 minute massage to stimulate blood flow

• Nail trim

• Ear cleaning and hair removal

• Anal glands

• Teeth brushing

• Full brush and blow dry

• Owner's choice of bow or bandana

• Price based on size of pet

Luxury mud bath for pets at Z Pet Hotel & Spa

Skin-Soothing Mud Bath & Massage - $40 - $120

• Helps rejuvenate your pet’s skin and coat

• Formula helps to detoxify and is soothing for animals with sensitive, irritated or raw skin

• Includes a 15 minute massage to help stimulate blood flow

• Bath, brush and blow dry

• Price based on size of pet

Blueberry facial for dogs at Z Pet Hotel & Spa in Santa Fe.

Add-On: Blueberry Facial - $15

• Helps exfoliate and hydrate your furry friend 

• Helps white coats look brighter 

• Used for all skin types

• Hypoallergenic, tearless, and lick-safe

• Leaves your furry friend smelling "berrylicious!'

Pawdicure/Pedicure for dogs and cats at Z Pet Hotel and Spa

Add-On: Deluxe Pawdicure & Pawlish - $15


• Nail buff

• Paw massage with moisturizing paw balm

• Owner's choice of pet-safe nail color