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Santa Fe's favorite destination for pets!

Santa Fe's favorite destination for pets!

Santa Fe's favorite destination for pets!Santa Fe's favorite destination for pets!Santa Fe's favorite destination for pets!

Dog Training in Santa Fe


Basic Obedience – $400

Over 6 private lessons, dogs and owners learn to master heel, sit, down, stay, recall, and show finish.


Obedience Group Classes - $300

3 classes with a group of up to 5 dogs and 2 individual private sessions with dog, owner, and trainer. 5 total lessons.


Advanced Obedience - $250

3 private lessons where dogs and owners who have completed the Basic Obedience training learn to transition from on leash to off leash and other advanced techniques.


Dog Obedience Academy - $800

Going out of town or simply want to send your pup to camp? Take advantage of our Dog Obedience Academy, which includes 10 days of boarding with private obedience dog training 2 times a day, along with 2 private sessions with the owners.


Private Individual Sessions - $50

Want private dog training in Santa Fe to work on a specific issue? Private training sessions for owners and their dog are only available for those who have already gone through the Basic Obedience training, in either private or group lessons.


Academic Boarding/Daycare - $25

Once a dog has completed one of our obedience classes, they are eligible for 30-45 minute "training tune-ups" with one of our trainers when they stay with us - either for boarding or daycare. The $25 academic fee is in addition to standard boarding and daycare rates.

Learn More About Mark's Dog Training Background

Z Pet Hotel & Spa owner Mark Edwards has been around dogs his entire life and has used his extensive knowledge of dog behavior to develop an extremely effective training program. After many years of dog training, he is thoroughly adept at training dogs from basic to advanced obedience in a way that owners can easily maintain. He enjoys teaching owners to train their dogs based on positive and negative reinforcements. 

Prior to establishing himself in Santa Fe in 2001, Mark owned and operated a security company that specialized in training, renting, and selling personal protection dogs and guard dogs for commercial security. He was able to retrain shelter dogs that were deemed too dangerous, abused, and misunderstood to be in a domestic environment. When working with these types of dogs, he found it very satisfying to train them as effective security dogs as well as teach them basic obedience and healthy social skills so they could be placed back into loving homes.

With his past experience working with all the different levels of dog training, he has a deep understanding of the drives that dogs have. Mark has an finely honed sense of how to handle all breeds of dogs through formatting and typing of personality traits, dispositions, temperaments, and characteristics of their breed.  

Contact us at 505-438-7777 or info@zpethotel.com for more information on having your dog enrolled in one of our training programs.